RoboCup Germany 2016

This year, too, the WF Wolves RoboCup team from Ostfalia will compete at the World Championship for Robotics. This year the World Cup in Leipzig takes place from the 30.06. To 03.07.2016 instead. The team of the Ostfalia is in the categories RoboCup @ Work and Humanoid League (TeenSize). As in the past year, the students are working with their Brazilian colleagues at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM).

The current Leipzig team consists of 14 members. Five team members come from the Brazilian university. The WF Wolves are supported by professors Reinhard Gerndt (Ostfalia) and Rodrigo Guerra (UFSM) as a student project group.

Already since Monday, the students work to find the optimal setting of the robots for the conditions.

The RoboCup @ Work League:

The @work league is an industrial league. On the other hand, autonomous platforms, on which a robot arm is located, must successfully meet certain challenges. These challenges consist essentially of mastering a pre-defined course. As a particular challenge, its details can be varied in the course of the process. In addition, various, different objects have to be picked up by means of the robot arm and transported to a different location.


The Humanoid League (TeenSize):

In the Humanoid League, on the other hand, it is about football. At the same time, robots that are built similar to humans are played together according to the rules of FIFA. The aim of the Humanoid League is to compete against the then reigning FIFA world champion of the people in a regular football match in 2050.
In the Humanoid League, three sizes of robots are distinguished: KidSize, TeenSize and AdultSize. The sizes range from very small to almost man-sized. The team of the Ostfalia has medium-sized robots and plays in the TeenSize.