Humanoid robots – Focus of development

The humanoid robots must bring many skills to participate in the football matches. Motion sequences like walking on two legs or shooting are great challenges for a robot. But also the processing of the image data and interpretation of these are the focus of the development. In addition to the software is always worked again and again to improve the hardware.

To run

The human-like running of robots is not very easy. Thus man needs the big toe round his foot to create a dynamic movement. In the case of robots, this is often attempted with a „tap step“. We are currently working on a modified version of the Walkengine of the DARwin-OP, which creates a stable running motion.

To shoot

In football, after shooting, shooting is of similar importance and therefore also one of our priorities. Here, not only as wide a range as possible and precise meeting are required, but above all stability. As one of the next goals, we want to reach a university.

Image processing

Image processing is one of our key areas. Here we are working on optimizing the algorithms and increasing the detection rate. The more robust the image processing, the better the behavior of the humanoids can be controlled.


As a further focus, we are currently dealing with localization, that is, The ability of the robots to determine their own position in the playing field. Self-localization is the first step towards a more abstract artificial intelligence.