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Mixed Reality – Focus on Development

In the field of mixed reality, we have focused on research and development.

Vision Tracking

Vision tracking is of particular importance in the area of mixed reality. The goal of the mixed reality is to play 11 against 11. However, since the system is still designed for 5 to 5, a lot has to be improved.

Behavoir Management

Since the lower functions of the artificial intelligence already work very well, we are currently working on behavoirs, ie a roll-based system in which the robots dynamically change their roles. In this way, we hope for a better interaction between the robots and improved behavior.

Reinforced Learning

We also use this area of artificial intelligence and try to expand it. The advantage with self-learning algorithms is that although you do not know much about a system, you can still achieve good results.


There are other ways to improve the mixed reality system. In order for our goal to be achieved by 11 players per side, a lot must also happen here. This includes, among other things, the development of more durable robots, as well as a better infrared.

Humanoid KI-Simulation

In robotics it is common to work with simulators. This saves time and money. We use the mixed reality system to test and develop our artificial intelligence for humanoids.