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Mixed Reality – About

The key feature of the Mixed Reality Competition is the combination of virtual and physical elements. Real robots (micro robots) with a floor area of about 2 cm² and about 2 cm height play on a virtual playing field with a virtual ball.

On the one hand, movements are generated by different speeds of the two wheels; on the other hand, the virtual ball is indirectly steered by means of an instruction. These circumstances require a meaningful linking of two different concepts:

The discrete behavior of a virtual world must be brought into harmony with the complex physical reality. The mixed reality strikes a bridge between simulation and reality, in order to connect the leagues. In the third year after the founding of the Mixed Reality, the games are played against 5. First tests 7 against 7 are carried out in order to be able to play with the future third system 11 against 11 in a scale-appropriate field.