Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality – About

The key feature of the Mixed Reality Competition is the combination of virtual and physical elements. Real robots (micro robots) with a floor area of about 2 cm┬▓ and about 2 cm height play on a virtual playing field with a virtual ball. On the one hand, movements are generated by different speeds of the […]

Mixed Reality – Focus on Development

In the field of mixed reality, we have focused on research and development. Vision Tracking Vision tracking is of particular importance in the area of mixed reality. The goal of the mixed reality is to play 11 against 11. However, since the system is still designed for 5 to 5, a lot has to be […]

Mixed Reality – System

The Mixed Reality System is a unified system of real physical and fully simulated parts. When you see a mixed reality system for the first time, the big display is the first to appear. Even if the display has no influence on the game, it serves on the one hand as a playing field, as […]

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