@Work League

The RoboCup @ Work League started in 2012. The aim of this league is to develop an autonomous robot that is to be used in the industrial environment and to handle complex tasks there. These tasks range from pure navigation within the arena, which in this league, e.g. A workshop simulates the interaction with objects […]

@Work focus

Simulation For testing new software and for machine learning, it is important to have a simulator that simulates the behavior of the real robot as accurately as possible. This does not stop with the mere movements, so also the kind of the control must be modeled after the original down to the smallest detail. Localization […]

@Work Robots

Software ROS-Electric (Communication structure) SMACH (Artificial Intelligence) Ubuntu 10.04 (OS) Hardware Hokuyo Laser-Range-Scanner (Navigation, Lokalisation) Microsoft Webcam (Vision) Microsoft Kinect

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