Day 1: Robocup German Open 2017 in Magdeburg

Our Robocup team arrived in Magdeburg yesterday, 02.05.2017. Today is the first day where we deal with the construction of the stand and problem solving.

At the Vision, there were new recordings of training data. Until now, we have only tested the ball detection system at Ostfalia. In the hall where the Robocup takes place, we have new situations: different light conditions, new ball, other playing field and of course, the grass. The neural network we have adapted, shows results that are not worse than those we had in our University.


There are a few problems with the bodyboards. We have replaced the old ones with new ones and equipped them with new extended cables. Unfortunately they do not work and we are just trying to get them in gear.





Another team is currently working on the optimization of the stand-up.






What brings positive news is the Kik-Test. Until now he is shooting very well!



Our newbies get support from us in creating the behavior. Would you like to become a member? Then click on Team -> Become a member.




After we arrived today we have to realize again, that the grass we are playing on, is different. That is why we had to create new studs, so that our robots can move on it.


Tomorrow we continue with new information about the second day at the Robocup German Open 2017 in Magdeburg.