Day 2: Robocup German Open 2017 in Magdeburg

Today we had a drop-in game. We teamed up with the French Rhoban team from France against 1. RFC Berlin and Hamburg Bit-Bots. Unfortunately, no goal has been scored in this game.




We were well prepared: the stand up and running worked properly, the bodyboards we had to adjust yesterday, ran perfectly today in the robots. Even the communication with the play cotroller worked perfectly.




The game was stopped because of several problems of the robots. The teams had an hour to fix the problems and continue with the game.




It looked promising at the beginning, because we thought the algorithm for the ball detection functioned correctly this time. Hans seemed to be able to recognize the ball.



For a long time he dribbled the ball. However after a few steps we noticed … he did not recognize the ball.


There is still so much to do! The integration of the vision has to be improved, and the Behaviour also has a lot of adjustment problems.

Tomorrow is the official opening of the fair, until then most problems should be resolved.