Day 3: Robocup German Open 2017

Since this morning we were preparing intensively for the upcoming games. One of our robots had a malfunction, which we had to work on for a long time and which has not been fixed yet by us.



In the first game were against 1RFC from Berlin.



The game started, and the robots were looking intensively for the ball. After several minutes, Hans recognized him and went straight to him. All the opponents were still searching – so Hans took the chance and run to the goal. Unfortunately, the first score missed out! There were only a few centimeters missing!



The second half went even worse. Hans had a collision with the opponent in a fight for the ball. The opponent needed some time to get up again, so Hans took the chance again to shoot at the goal! The kick was so hard that Hans slipped on the gras and fell down. But he missed the goal and the game was over.



The result of the first game is 0:0

The second game was against the BitBots from Hamburg. Hans is again the first player who recognizes the ball and try to score a goal again. Badly Detlef had to go directly into the operation area at the beginning of the match, as he fell immediately when he tried to walk into the field.
Several attempts failed. In the second half, something dramatic happened. Hans ran to the ball to shoot. He tried to hit the ball and lost his leg.


We had 2 minutes to get Hans back on the feet. The entire team worked to fix the problem and to find the missing parts.



In the meantime, 4 robots were playing against our goalkeeper. To our luck, no goal was shot from the side of the BitBots at this time. Until the last minute we screwed on Hans … but it was too late.


The result of the second game is 0:0