Day 4: Robocup German Open 2017

We scored two goals !!!!!!

It was an exciting day at the German Open 2017. Our team did a great job today and adapted software and hardware of the robots for the games. We played against the RoboCup World Champion Rhoban today.

The game was exciting since its inception and the visitors shared the thrill with the robots.



Already in the first minutes Rhoban took the chance and scored the first goal which gives the lead.



After that there were dramatic scenes for the spectators, with both teams trying to get the ball.



Rhoban catched the ball and got around Detlef. The goal was not occupied by our goalkeeper because of hardware problems.



Detlef could not believe the avoidance manoeuvre, win the ball again by overtaking Rhoban and stepping forward to kick the ball. Unfortunately, the ball was in our goal. The score was 2:0, our team was desperate, but we did not give up hope.



The spectators cheered, the half-time came. Quickly, all team members tried at full blast to bring the robots back to work. As in fever, the WF Wolves screwed to Hans, Detlef, and Wolfram.



After starting again, Detlef recognized the ball and ran towards it stormily.



The shot landed in front of the opposing goal, to our advantage. If the ball went right into the goal, this would not have counted as a goal. It came to a foul from our side, but only a few noticed. One of Rhoban’s robots lay on the ground. When he tried to get back on his feet, Detlef shot at him a few times, the opponent had to be carried off the field.



The audience applaused enthusiastically and Detlef took the chance of the empty goal. He was so convinced of himself that he joked with trying to use the penalty point as a ball.



Afterwards he ran like a bat out of hell and shot the ball into the right goal!



The audience celebrates this goal at least as much as we did. Full of euphoria, our robots continued to play and were no longer held by anybody.



Then again Rhoban was quicker, grabbed the ball and scored the third goal.


The tears came from the robots, but the team was still happy. Two goals in the game against the world champions! … although one was an own property.