Humanoid Open in Brest France

After 7 hours we arrived on Tuesday 17.04.2018 in Brest. We had to fly such a long time because of the strike of Air France. Our flight was canceled and we had to book another one where we had to change the airport in Paris. It was very stressful, but at the end we arrived happy in Brest.

The next day the other Teams arrived. This time they were just 2 Teams from France. The Humanoid French Open began with some setup games. Hans did his best as a goal keeper and tried to not move a lot. Because of the bad light conditions the robots from the other Teams couldn’t recognize the balls. Our vision worked very good also with small and orange balls. Hans had some problems with kicking because he broke his arm and this influenced the whole behavior.  Ivan changed the motor and everything worked fine.


After the game we were invited to The Brest National School of Engineering. They showed us their projects in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. After that we went with the Roban Team to explore Brest nightlife.