RoboCup 2017 Nagoya Japan: Day 1

Yesterday, our robots qualified for the games at Robot Inspection. Together with Team Nimbro, Team aiRobots and team AUTMAN, we played today the first drop-in game. Our team included Detlef and a robot from the team Nimbro. At the end we won the game.

After an one-hour break, we played Round Robin, where we got a point. There was an annoying incident where Detlef recognized another ball that layed behind a table. This caused him to recognize the wrong ball and we lost precious time.

The RoboCup runs today. Between the games there was the opportunity for me to look at the booths. Here is the result:



The first game brought us a lot of emotions. Detlef immediately recognized the ball and was so fascinated that he unfortunately forgot to move. Hans has lost his head several times, which is why he had to be treated as an outpatient. Fortune was on our side. We won the game because of an own goal created by HuroEvolutionNT.


In the evening we played the second drop-in. The following video shows the course of the game which ended with 2:0 for our team (WF Wolves, Nimbro, AcYut, Unbounded Designer). Because our robot was not on the field, we unfortunately got no points.