Robocup Iran Open 2017

From 02.04 – 09.04 our team was at the Robocup Iran Open 2017. We have teamed up with the BitBots from Hamburg and formed a large team.




The BitBots changed their software to a co-developed software structure at the Iran-Open, and we were able to successfully switch software between the teams. Both teams benefited.




Against the BoldHearts, Hans scored a goal!


Unfortunately, this has only been enough for the second round. There were two round robins, each with 7 teams, but a team did not make it any further in the first round. In the second round, there was the second Round-robin, where only 4 teams had then progressed. We unfortunately did not score a goal there, but only reached equality.

We also had time to explore the country and to gain new impressions of it.












Our next goal is Robocup German Open 2017.

There our robots will shoot more goals!