Third place for WF Wolfes

Third place for WF Wolves at the RoboCup German Open 2017

No victory could be won during the regular season. The decision was made in the penalty shoot-out against the BitBots from Hamburg.

Our robots have attacked their opponents several times. There was a situation that almost led to success. However, the goalkeeper of the BitBots was just right to stop the ball.

He could not recover completely from the bad injury that Hans suffered on 3 matchday, so he left the younger Detlef the position of the striker.

At the end of the second half, Detlef took the lead and dribbled the ball into the opposing box, ready for the goal, but it did not happen, as the referee whipped a shot.


The game went on with elf shooting, and Detlef was able to show what is in it. Without a real shot on goal, our goalkeeper Gambi did not have much to do. Detlef scored two goals and we finished third!