Visit from France

There was a lot going on in our lab in the last days. A member of the Rhoban team visited us and supported us. Gregoire, together with Oliver from our team, were sweating a lot.



Outside, the sun was shining and it was warm for this time in Germany … however, the two had to deal a lot with electricity, cables and footplates. Our robots were pimped by installing pressure sensors. Now Hans and Detlef can finally feel something under their soles.



Our circuit boards were designed and soldered for several years. This time, however, we had to choose the Rhoban board. The reason for this is that the old bodyboard is no longer produced and therefore a modern alternative was sought.

The new feet were, of course, tested together with the new boards.

Since October 2016 Rhoban has provided a software package on GitHub.

RhIO is a lightweight library that can be linked to your application to interact with your program on-the-fly through the built-in server.

We have installed this package and integrated it into our software. At the moment we only have the raw data from the sensors. We are now faced with a great task of analyzing and further processing these data.

We hope to achieve this master’s title with this expansion.