We are in Japan


On Thursday the 20th of July 2017 we started our journey at the main station in Braunschweig. The robots layed in their boxes, our suitcases consisted a mix of clothes, cosmetics and cables / bateries / tools. At 20:20 our flight from Frankfurt am Main to Japan with one stop in Seoul.





After about 9 hours we arrived in Seoul and had to wait 5 hours more for the departure to Japan.



Two hours later we arrived in Nagoya and were greeted by our alumni Arne Hitzman. Arne has decided to promote in Japan. That is why he could help us moving around Nagoya. The next two days we spent with sightseeing and shopping.


On Tuesday started the Setup days.

We adapted our Software to the light and field conditions. Images were taken from the field and from the new ball. These were used to train the neural network used by Alex to recognize the ball with the new data.


We had problems with the programming with the ‘getting up’ from the robots. A small program error caused servo broken. Oliver found the error and fixed it after 5 hours intensive search. This was important to get the robots through the robot inspection.






Our international team members worked to optimize the modules for the technical challenge.




The following video shows you the robot inspection: