RoboCup China 2015

 Humanoid League

Everything started with our luggage hanging in Guangzhou. So we did not just lack robots and equipment, but above all clothes for changing after the long journey. What remained to us was the hand luggage, with which we had at least one or the other, if of course no tool. In the hotel we met our partners from Brazil, who had arrived with two robots. On the first day of preparation we still missed two of the big robots, which we could not prepare. The first one, which had arrived, we did not get through the robot check until the head was too big. It was measured differently than in the previous year, which caused problems not only with us. So we had to cut our head, which looked ugly and also led to more instability. Even the Brazilian comrade had to take off his helmet and was not allowed to play with it. While the Brazilians were working on the new running algorithm, our people were in the process of calibrating the recognition of objects. But the time that remained was short and was not enough. While the recognition of the playing field and the goal post worked well, especially the search for the ball of the Teen Size brought unimagined problems. This involved neglecting running and shooting, which led to frequent falls in the games.


In the Kid Size, we were in group B with ZJUDancer and FUmanoids, which did not allow us an easy start. The final result of the group phase was then no surprise. In the intermediate round we had once again the chance against RoboErectus, where our robots unfortunately could not get through. In Teen Size, we had similar difficulties and could not score goals. Overall the competition was stressful for us because we had one game after another by participating in both leagues. It was noticeable that we were short of specialists and robots. In the Technical Challenges, however, we were once again able to prove what our robots are capable of doing. They could not only jump surprisingly high, but also balance large shocks of the push recovery. We were able to secure second place in both leagues.