Mixed Reality – About

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The key feature of the Mixed Reality Competition is the combination of virtual and physical elements. Real robots (micro robots) with a floor area of about 2 cm² and about 2 cm height play on a virtual playing field with a virtual ball. On the one hand, movements are generated by different speeds of the […]

@Work League

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The RoboCup @ Work League started in 2012. The aim of this league is to develop an autonomous robot that is to be used in the industrial environment and to handle complex tasks there. These tasks range from pure navigation within the arena, which in this league, e.g. A workshop simulates the interaction with objects […]

@Work focus

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Simulation For testing new software and for machine learning, it is important to have a simulator that simulates the behavior of the real robot as accurately as possible. This does not stop with the mere movements, so also the kind of the control must be modeled after the original down to the smallest detail. Localization […]

RoboCup Germany 2016

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This year, too, the WF Wolves RoboCup team from Ostfalia will compete at the World Championship for Robotics. This year the World Cup in Leipzig takes place from the 30.06. To 03.07.2016 instead. The team of the Ostfalia is in the categories RoboCup @ Work and Humanoid League (TeenSize). As in the past year, the […]

Humanoid – Bot Evolution

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 Detlef since June 2014 Rule changes for 2014 have caused us to build larger robots. For this, we have adapted the Nimbro OP to a size of 85 cm. The aluminum and carbon parts were manufactured as before in the university workshop. We created plastic parts, like the head and the hands, with our 3D […]

RoboCup China 2015

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 Humanoid League Everything started with our luggage hanging in Guangzhou. So we did not just lack robots and equipment, but above all clothes for changing after the long journey. What remained to us was the hand luggage, with which we had at least one or the other, if of course no tool. In the hotel […]

Humanoid League

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Since 2009 we are represented in the Humanoid Kid Size League. The special thing about this league is that the robots have to be very similar to humans. For example, they must run on two legs and have physical-human characteristics. As a further difficulty, only sensors are allowed, which also man has. We use cameras […]

German Open 2015

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Humanoid League This year’s German Open was a little spectacular, but with many challenges on the ground. By the new rules – artificial grass, a new white-colored ball and white gates – the robots demanded everything. We were with two small and two large robots at the start, could because of unexpected problems with the […]

RoboCup Brasili 2014

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(By Prof. R. Gerndt) The Eastfalia was represented by a team of 10 students who were reinforced by 4 students from our partner school in Santa Maria, Brazil, the Universidade Federal Santa Maria (UFSM). In the ‘Humanoid League’, the Ostfalia after the preliminary round (1. ‘Round Robin’) by a single own goal in the first […]

Educational prize alliance for the region

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On 04.12.2014 in Wolfenbüttel the education prize was awarded by Allianz for the region. This award is an award given by a jury of educational institutions and business enterprises. Our team participated in this competition and successfully competed against the other 119 projects and took 3rd place in the category “Adults”. The award takes place […]