German Open 2015

Humanoid League

This year’s German Open was a little spectacular, but with many challenges on the ground. By the new rules – artificial grass, a new white-colored ball and white gates – the robots demanded everything. We were with two small and two large robots at the start, could because of unexpected problems with the hardware but unfortunately only partially one or two at the same time. The initial round robin phase went all dead, finding the ball and then moving to the ball was difficult not only for us at first. Then we came to the Penalty Shootout, where we secured fourth place. It was followed by the semi-final against the Fumanoids, which went 1: 0 for them, so we came into the game for the third place. In this game, we were able to show that we can not only run stably, but are even capable of shooting shots without adding. Nevertheless, all the arts were not enough for a goal during the game, it went 0-0. In the following Penalty Shootout our robots had the problem of recognizing the ball and running past the ball again and again. In the last attempt, our opponents, Bold Hearts, were able to move the ball a little way forward while we have not reached the ball. This was ultimately the decision and the fourth place for us. The German Open has revealed some weaknesses and allows us to prepare ourselves for the World Cup in China.