Humanoid League

da-v4nSince 2009 we are represented in the Humanoid Kid Size League. The special thing about this league is that the robots have to be very similar to humans. For example, they must run on two legs and have physical-human characteristics. As a further difficulty, only sensors are allowed, which also man has. We use cameras (eyes), gyroscope and accelerometer (balance sense) and some of the other robots also have pressure sensors on the feet.

Other special sensors are not permitted. Furthermore, the robots must also play completely autonomously; Which means that the intelligence must also be in the robot and not on another computer, which in turn turns the robot remotely. The robots are allowed to talk to each other via WLAN to discuss themselves.

In the Humanoid League there are two areas: the Games and the Technical Challenges. In the games, four are played against four football, the rules are modeled on the FIFA rules and are only slightly simplified, so that a game can come about. For this, the robots have to bring a whole lot of abilities to play at all: they must be able to move and shoot, stand up independently and of course find the ball.


game-smallThe Technical Challenges is about testing and working on things that are not yet in the game. In addition, techniques that are currently available in human football are to be learned and improved. Currently, there are four Technical Challenges. Obstacle Avoidance and Dribbling is about dribbling the ball through obstacles in the goal. In doing so, the abilities are identified as obstacles and a path through the obstacles is to be found and planed.

When throwing in, the ability to lift a ball and throw it is thrown. The goal is to integrate the throw into the game as soon as possible, in order to get closer to human football. The double pass is used to promote the abilities „obstacles“, „recognition of fellow players“ and „closer shooting“. Another challenge is the high-kick, where the robot is to reach the goal as high as possible.